Welcome to the website of the Greenwich Line Users’ Group. The Group started in 2012 and covers Westcombe Park, Maze Hill, Greenwich and Deptford stations, part of the Greenwich Line in south-east London.

Our objective is to stand up for passengers who use Westcombe Park, Maze Hill, Greenwich and Deptford stations by lobbying for:

  • more reliable and frequent trains
  • more capacity
  • better information for passengers, and
  • safer and cleaner stations.

The Users’ Group considers any issue about either the train service or the train operating companies, Southeastern and Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). In addition to regular meetings with both operators, the Users’ Group makes submissions on proposed timetables and on other public consultations. A submission was made to the Department for Transport (DfT) on the next South East franchise Response to DfT franchise consultation final (revised) and to Network Rail on their Kent Area Route Study GLUG response to Kent Area Route Study.

The Group is currently lobbying DfT about the poor reliability of Thameslink trains since the May 2018 timetable was introduced, and have written to the Secretary of State GLUG letter to Chris Grayling and issued a Press Release Press Release. The reply from the Department for Transport is here: DfT reply

The Group’s submissions to the Thameslink inquiries being undertaken by the Office of Road and Rail and the House of Commons Select Committee can be accessed on this page: The rebuilt London Bridge and Thameslink

GLUG has responded to the Fares Consultation undertaken by the Rail Delivery Group and Transport Focus.

GLUG is currently pressing Southeastern to revise its proposals for two off-peak trains per hour not to call at Deptford, Maze Hill and Westcombe Park during the leaf fall season. This timetable is due to begin on 12th October. With the current reduced Thameslink service, this would mean only three off-peak trains per hour from those stations into and out of London; a level of service that GLUG believes is unacceptable for stations only 5-7 miles out of Central London.

In response to a request from Southeastern to nominate a station to install step free access, GLUG has nominated Maze Hill. The present step free access to platform 2 (towards Woolwich) is unsuitable, and GLUG has supported a proposal to install a new ramp giving direct access from Maze Hill to the platform.

This website helps rail passengers to see what GLUG has been doing to get Network Rail, GTR and Southeastern to  improve our train service.  Please let us have your feedback, either by commenting below or emailing our convenor Mike Sparham at  greenwichline@outlook.com.



6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I work at Goodge St and used to take the train from Greenwich to Charing Cross to get the Northern Line to work. It was straight forward and one of the reasons I live in this area. Now with all trains diverted to Cannon St, I have to go to Cannon Street and get the Circle/District to Embankment and change to the Northern line there.

    So far I have had mixed success. Going to work has been ok, but coming home it can be very hard to judge how long it will take to get to Cannon St and connect with my train home. Twice this week I have missed my train to Greenwich as the Circle/District stopped and waited at all stations ‘to regularize the service’. If I do miss my normal Greenwich train home from Cannon Street – the 7.57pm, I have a 20 minute wait until the next service to Greenwich which at that time, on a week night in the Capital city is terrible.

    My main gripe with the current situation is that whilst I had planned to walk from Cannon St to Bank and get the Central Line to Tottenham Court Road, the Central line is not stopping at Tottenham Ct Rd until December 2015 so that link to the West End is not an option. I don’t understand why the rail companies didn’t pre-plan this better rather than coincide the diversion of so many South East London trains to Cannon Street with the suspension of the nearby Bank to Tottenham Court Road link – one of the West Ends busiest stations and my place of work.

    It just seems that everyone in London is complaining about the train service at present, regardless of where they live and its time the powers that be understood that the price to service ratio is not acceptable at present.


  2. I was horrified to hear in the Mercury that the Charing Cross line is not going to be re-instated ever! I use Plumstead station and at the moment all the trains go to Cannon Street. Plus I have now been hit by a double whammy as I cannot use the tube at North Greenwich as I have nowhere to park my car! It looks like all the people who work are now parking there and you can’t blame them. I would like to keep up with your campaign as the changes affect me greatly.
    Many thanks Hilary Carnihan


  3. I moved to Greenwich few months ago as I work close to Charing Cross and it was easy for me to commute from Greenwich to Charing Cross. I thought to stop the direct trains to Charing Cross was a temporary thing until all the works at London Bridge are completed, but it seems it is not the case.
    I am very surprised to hear that the plan is to cut the direct trains from Greenwich to Charing Cross as this line was used by a lot of people and for what I can see the population in this area is growing and requires better public transport and not trains to be cut. Using the common sense I think it is better to split the trains between Charing Cross and Cannon St and not to bring everyone to one station with all the problems it creates.

    I definitely support this campaign as I am not able to understand the decision to cut the direct trains from Greenwich to Charing Cross.


  4. Nothing running toward Kent this afternoon and no information at all at Westcombe Park Station. Southeastern must really hate the people that use this line, so what’s next I wonder? Maybe they will close the Greenwich line altogether a there’s no service on a Sunday and there hasn’t been for some time. I’m sure that some bright spark will tell us that as we live in Blackheath, we have a perfectly good station on a different line in the village, over a mile away.


  5. Sent my objections to bettersoutheastern@dft.gsi.gov.uk with the following concerns. Not sure if we have an official list but feel free to add to this or reword and reuse as needed:

    I write to express my concern at plans to route all Blackheath and Greenwich train services via Cannon St rather than continuing to support the current destinations of Charing Cross, Victoria etc.

    This is clearly a retrograde step and will lead to:

    • Longer journeys to these destinations
    • No contingent routes when we have inevitable issues on that one line
    • Some leisure trade loss in the areas made more difficult to access by the changes
    • More load upon the tube and overground networks to complete journeys to those areas
    • Additional expense for those forced to use more buses
    • Potential for more road journeys to connect with those areas
    • Likelihood of more people driving into West London, particularly evenings and weekends
    • Loss of attractiveness of the Blackheath and Greenwich areas for commuters
    • Loss of house values
    • Likely disruption of families and children moving schools to enable parents to get to and from work in a reasonable time

    These and other potential impacts will compound the already limited public transport options in the South East, as there is no tube or other overground network to support these areas as the rest of London has in zone 2/3.

    Thanks and Regards

    Carl Thomas


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