Policy briefings etc

Westcombe Park station 2013 - 2The Greenwich Line Users’ Group produces papers on a range of issues. These include responses to public consultations, reports on Stakeholder meetings, representations on behalf of rail users, and policy papers.

Papers on key issues are listed below and can be accessed by clicking the link. For further information email greenwichline@outlook.com

Station improvements. GLUG’s proposals to GTR on spending the Passenger Benefit Fund, sent on 28 July 2019. GLUG suggestions for the PBF

Managing disruption on GTR (Thameslink). Report of a GTR forum meeting held on 19th June 2019 GTR forum managing disruption

Southeastern timetable and train service

Response to the consultation on the May 2019 timetable (21 December 2018) May 2019 timetable consultation response

Press Release on overcrowding (26 February 2018) Press Release overcrowding

Response to the consultation on the May 2018 timetable (8 August 2017) May 2018 timetable response final

“Leaf fall” autumn timetable and station skipping        

Deptford Station Nov.2018 not a tree or leaf in sight

Review of Southeastern’s 2019 autumn timetable (14 October – 13 December 2019). Autumn timetable 2019 final

Letter to Southeastern (16 August 2019) Station skipping letter to SE 2019

Letter to Southeastern’s Managing Director (12 November 2018) Station skipping letter to David Statham

Analysis of service performance (29 October – 2 November 2018) Station skipping performance analysis

Report of a meeting with Southeastern (14 December 2017) Meeting with Southeastern December 2017

Letter to Southeastern’s Managing Director (26 October 2017) Leaf fall letter to SE Oct2017

Thameslink timetable and train service

Submission to House of Commons Transport Select Committee (2 September 2018) Select Committee GTR timetable submission final

Submission to ORR Inquiry (16 July 2018) ORR timetable inquiry submission final

Letter to Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP (11 June 2018) GLUG letter to Chris Grayling

Press Release (4 June 2018) Press Release

GLUG briefing on the Thameslink service problems (3 June 2018) GTR service


GLUG policy document (31 August 2018). This contains the background and the response to the Rail Delivery Group’s consultation on fares policy. Fares consultation policy final


Briefing on the history of the Southeastern franchise (updated April 2020) History of SE franchise v3

Submission to Department for Transport on future franchise (June 2017) Response to DfT franchise consultation final (revised)

Future Developments

GTR Passenger Benefit Fund. GLUG wrote to the Rail Minister asking that the restriction on spending the fund is lifted. GLUG letter to Minister GTR PBF

Submission for improved step free access at Maze Hill station (September 2018). This was prepared by the Westcombe Society Environment Group and supported by GLUG WSENV proposals for step free access to stations September 2018 (1)

Response to Network Rail’s Kent Area Route Study (30 June 2017) GLUG response to Kent Area Route Study

GLUG has also produced reports of the Train Operators’ Stakeholder Forum meetings. The most recent Southeastern Forum can be accessed below:

Report of the Stakeholder Forum Sept 2019

Report of the Stakeholder Forum Sept 2018

Report of the Stakeholder Forum Feb 2018

The GTR Stakeholder Forum can be accessed below:

Report of GTR Stakeholder Forum January 2021

Report of the gtr Stakeholder Forum Oct 2019

For further information please contact:    greenwichline@outlook.com

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